Kitchen top: is marble or granite better

Deciding which to invest in the best kitchen is a choice that needs a lot of attention as many factors offer not only aesthetics and design but also resistance, functionality and features. A good kitchen worktop must therefore be resistant, practical, and functional to meet different needs. There are different materials able to respond more […]

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Which Natural Stone Fits Best for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchen is a great bonus for any home. Whether you usually invite many guests or if you simply prefer to spend time outdoors and enjoy all seasons, an outdoor kitchen is not only an extension of your family’s living space but also increases the value of your home. In addition, it is much easier […]

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How to Clean Granite Countertops in the Kitchen?

Natural stone slabs have many benefits, but are not recommended without reservations. As with all natural stones, proper care and warmth for granite kitchen worktops for good reasons should not be neglected. Cleaning granite countertop The daily maintenance of your granite worktop is all and finally. Granite countertops in the kitchen are actually uncut. In […]

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Does the granite worktop fit in the kitchen?

Natural stones have a special shape and create a wonderful or special atmosphere. However, it does not go with every kitchen interior. However, granite countertops kitchen is a safer variable: for example, a great work of marble that consists of its extravagant marbling, like a granite kitchen worktop attracts attention much faster than the typical […]

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Why should use granite countertops for the kitchen?

Granite is not only an extremely robust, but also visually appealing natural stone that is not only suitable for the kitchen worktop, but also for cladding. A granite countertop kitchen can withstand many daily challenges in the kitchen, but it also has a major weak point. Your kitchen planner will explain the advantages. When it […]

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